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Using JavaScript Resources In ND6
In Notes/Domino 6, there is a new design element similar to a LotusScript library, but it contains JavaScript. Prior to this latest release, common JavaScript code had to be stored in Page design elements, and then the page referenced when you needed it (in a form, for example). That was an all right method, but not the easiest to work with and it didn't work in the Notes client.

Using the new JavaScript library is much easier and works in both environments. To include the JavaScript library, go into the JS Header. Then either right-click in the program pane and choose Insert Resource or go to Create | Resource | Insert Resource from the menu. You will be prompted with a list of resources, and you can choose the JavaScript library to include. The functions and methods in that JavaScript library can then be used in your form.

On the web, the Domino server will build the <SCRIPT> tag for you when the resource is included, so you don't need to do any extra programming to bring in the JavaScript function(s).