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Breaking Par Consulting has closed its doors and is no longer in business.

The hints and tips portion of the web site is still listed, but is no longer being maintained and no longer accepts any comments.

The remainder of the web site will automatically redirect people to this home page.

If you would like to contact Matt Holthe, president of the former Breaking Par Consulting, you may email him directly:

Name: matt holthe (remove the space)
Domain Name: gmail
Domain Suffix: com

If you would like a database that has many of the hints and tips placed into script libraries, you can download the database.

IMPORTANT! The database above is "as is" - the code in there is sometimes quite old and hasn't been tested with more
modern versions of Notes and/or more modern web browsers. There are no guarantees that the code even still works. If you have
issues with the code, there is no support provided by Matt. You can try to email him, but don't expect a timely response.