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Open Up Document To All Authors
Recently we had a situation where people have author access to a database, but a certain document in the database needed to be opened up to everyone. Normally, Authors fields contain a list of the people who can edit the document, and those with Author access to the database not listed in the Authors field cannot edit the document. An Authors field can take */O=YourCompany as a value to open up the document to everyone with that final qualifier in their ID file, but how do you open up a document to everyone, regardless of their ID file?

This is actually very easy. Simply put * in the Authors field. This will allow everyone with Author access to the database to edit the document. (Those with Editor or higher access can already edit the document).

Note that if you use */* in the Authors field, this does NOT work. The reasoning for this isn't immediately clear, but it does not give access to everyone.