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Keyboard Shortcuts
Tilde (~) - scan for unread mail Highlight the word to find, then CTRL+F - the word is in the "find" box ALT+number - same as clicking on the action button corresponding to the numbered position. In R5, if you press the ALT key, the numbers appear above the action buttons to assist you. CTRL+Tab - cycle between open windows CTRL+F6 - cycle between open windows CTRL+P - print the current document/view CTRL+A - select all documents in a view CTRL+view-switch - keep the current document highlighted if it appears in the next view. SHIFT+ESC - save and close the current window without prompting for save. In a mail memo, it sends the memo and saves it (no matter what your preferences are). SHIFT+DELETE - delete the current document without being prompted -- WARNING - it works. There's no prompt and the document is immediately deleted!! * (on the numeric keypad) - expand all levels under the current document only. If there's response and response-to-response documents, they will all be expanded. ALT+ENTER - open the properties information box INSERT (while on a document in a view) - mark unread or read (it's a toggle)