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Change Twisty On Outline (ND6)
We posted a tip (Change Twisty On Outline) several months ago about changing the twisties in an outline. The tip was built for Notes 5 and was a hack at best. This tip describes how to do the same in Notes 6 using built-in features.

The first thing you need to do is create the images. You will end up with one actual image file. The one image file will have the two twisties in it. First will be the twisty you want to show when a category is collapsed, followed by a space, followed by the twisty you want to show when a category is expanded. An example with white twisties can be viewed using this link. (Note that you won't be able to see much of the image because it's a white twisty on a white background. You should view the image, then right-click on it and save it).

Put the image as an image resource in your ND6 application. Next, go into the outline and make sure that your categories (the lines that can be expanded) are set to not display an image. This will prevent Notes from displaying the default twisty. Then, on your page or form showing your embedded outline, set it up to show twisties and specify your image resource as the twisty image. You can see an example of the embedded outline properties in design mode.

For Notes 6 clients, they will be shown the specific collapse and expand images when an outline category is collapsed or expanded. For Notes 5 clients, they will see the default twisties. But Notes 5 clients will not receive any error messages, so this added functionality to the ND6 Designer is completely backward compatible.