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Startup Folder In ND6
This feature has been around since ND6 first came out, but since many people chose to wait to upgrade, it's probably been forgotten about. In ND6, you can several databases (or other items) launch when Notes first starts up. It's all controlled with a bookmark folder. Yes, I know many of you love the workspace and are refusing to use the bookmark folders (that column of icons on the left of your Notes screen). Personally, I use a combination of bookmarks and the workspace - if I took the time to bookmark something in the first place, then it's probably easier for me to get to it through my bookmarks.

Even if you don't use bookmarks, you may want to have certain databases launch when you start Notes. Or, you may want your ND6 designer to launch when you start the client. Me, I start designer, my replicator page, the workspace, and my mail file. I have a different home page (I know many of you set your workspace to be your home page) that shows my to-do list, calendar, and my most recent mail messages.

How is this done? First, create a bookmark folder. To do this, right-click on one of the existing folders, like "Databases" or "History". In the pop-up that appears, one of the options should be "New Folder..." - click on that. The folder name should be Startup (just like that) and the location should be - Folders - so it ends up appearing in your bookmark bar. This is the key to the ND6 client that stuff in here should be launched when you start Notes.

Now it's just a matter of putting stuff in there. Find the icon on your workspace, right-click and choose Database | Bookmark from the pop-up list. If you want to include something that's already in your bookmark bar (like the ND6 designer or another bookmarked database) then you can drag and drop into the Startup folder by right-clicking on the icon and moving it into the folder. If you want to make a copy into the Startup folder (instead of moving it) then hold down CTRL when you right-click on the icon. For example, if you want to include the ND6 designer in your Startup folder, then open up the Startup folder, hold down CTRL, right-click on the designer icon in your bookmark bar, and drag it into the open Startup folder.

A word of advice. If you want to start other programs (like the ND6 designer) then put those at the top of the list. If they are at the bottom, then that's where focus will be when everything's done. So, my list has the ND6 designer first, then the replicator page, then my mail file, then the workspace. For the items that are client-based, that's the other they will appear in your tabs of open windows.