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Open View Link To Frameset
In a recent project, we had a framed interface with a nice navigator to the left and our views to the right. The database was set up to launch into the frameset. But we found users sending view links to people, and the view links would open up the view, but with the "ugly" standard navigation on the left instead of our nice navigator.

After searching for answers, we finally came upon it. It's something very easy to do, but not obvious at all. If you have access to the Notes Knowledge Base, it is described in Document # 185434.

You should go into your frameset and give the right frame (the one with the view) a frame name of NotesView. It must be spelled just like that (see this example for a picture). This is a flag to the Notes client for some reason. When a user clicks on the view link, the frameset will be opened.

Incidentally, the same technique is used when someone chooses View | GoTo... from the menu or goes to Database | GoTo... after right-clicking on the icon. Using the "NotesView" frame keeps the frameset in tact when switching around this way.