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Delete Stored Form Fields
A recent workflow application required stored forms to be emailed around. (Don't get us started on emailing document links and keeping the document in the application instead of mailing stored forms - sometimes people building specifications don't see the bigger picture). The final approval ended up mailing the document back to the application.

After the document was finally mailed in the application, it didn't make sense to use disk space with the stored form. The actual form was in the application, so we wanted to remove the stored form. We ended up writing a weekly agent to remove the stored form, and this agent is surprisingly simple.

Stored forms can be indentified by a field called $Title. The value of this field is the name of the form. So a scheduled formula agent like this will do the trick:

SELECT $Title = "<form name>";
$Title := @DeleteField;
$Info := @DeleteField;
$WindowTitle := @DeleteField;
$Body := @DeleteField;
$Actions := @DeleteField;
Form := "<name of form you want this modified document displayed with>";