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Get UNID for one document
Has there ever been a time when you've needed the UNID for one document? Maybe you needed it for building a URL, or creating a hotspot, or some other reason. When you look at document properties, the UNID is listed, but it's not in a place where you can copy and paste the text.

If you want to copy and paste the UNID (the 32 text characters), then you only need to look at another tab of the document properties. The < + > tab has an "Identifier" field. This field contains the Notes:// URL. The last part of this URL is the document unique id. This is a field where you can highlight and copy the text. So, put your cursor into this field, move way to the end (press the End key on your keyboard), then highlight back to the left until you see a slash. Everything after the last slash in the document UNID. You can see an example of the UNID being highlighted here.

(Note: The example picture is from the Notes/Domino 6 client, but this feature is there in Notes 5 as well).