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Using Permanent Pen
We deal a lot with requirements emails going back and forth, or with questions being raised in emails going back and forth. Permanent pen is a great way to answer emails. We can answer questions right in-line in the reply, but in our own font/color (so our reply stands out).

What is permanent pen? Well, Notes has a built-in feature where you can specify a font type, color, size, and settings and save it as your setting. Then you can enable the permanent pen and whatever you type will be in that saved setting. This is called permanent pen.

First, you have to determine what your settings are going to be. Create a draft memo and go into the body section. Type in some garbage text, then decide what font type, size, color, and other settings (bold, italics, etc) you should use. For example, you could specify the text to be Arial, 12 point bold and green. Once you have the text set the way you want, highlight the text and then go to Text | Permanent Pen | Set Permanent Pen Style. This will save your choices as your permanent pen.

To use the permanent pen, go to Text | Permanent Pen | Use Permanent Pen. This option is a toggle. The saved setting will be used no matter where you type in the rich text field. Notes will automatically start using your saved font information. So you can jump around your reply and type things in-line, but they will be in your custom font settings. When you are finished, go back to the Use Permanent Pen menu option to disable it.

There is also a Permanent Pen toolbar icon that you can add. This icon toggles the "Use Permanent Pen" option that you have set. The toolbar icon is a standard icon that can be added to your icon bar.