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Pause during LotusScript agent
There may be instances when you wish to have a little delay in a LotusScript agent. You may wish to give a shell command enough time to execute, for example. This little routine will delay for "n" seconds where "n" is an integer that you pass to the function.

What about the built-in NotesTimer class? Our experience shows this class to be a bit difficult to work with, so we chose to write our own subroutine.

Here's the code....

Sub PauseTime(seconds As Integer)
   ' Wait (loop and do nothing) for "seconds" seconds - used to make sure
   ' a file system command happened.
   Dim start As New NotesDateTime("")
   Dim finish As New NotesDateTime("")
   Dim elapsedSeconds As Integer
   Dim i As Integer
   Call start.SetNow
   Call finish.SetNow
   elapsedSeconds = finish.TimeDifference(start)
   While elapsedSeconds < seconds
      For i = 1 To 500
         ' do nothing
      Call finish.SetNow
      elapsedSeconds = finish.TimeDifference(start)
End Sub