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@Command ViewExpandWithChildren
Back when I had a desktop machine, I would make use of the "*" key on the numeric keypad to fully expand one and only one category in a categorized view. If there were multiple levels of categorization, it would expand all the levels, but only for the selected document. When I moved to using a laptop almost exclusively, I don't normally have a numeric keypad now. (I have to turn num lock on, then press the "P" key, then turn num lock off). The normal "*" key is now a SHIFT+8, which means you're holding down the SHIFT key, which means Notes will fully expand all the categories instead of just the one you're on. I, personally, don't like the "expand all" unless I want to do a CTRL+F "find" in the view.

But I ran across a command that I hadn't seen before. It's probably been around for a long time, but I had never used it. It's called @Command([ViewExpandWithChildren]). This command will take whatever line in the view you are on and fully expand all the categories relating to only that row in the view. So, if your view is completely collapsed, you can go to a main category, use that @Command, and fully expand that category. Or, if you're on a 2nd level category, it will fully expand that 2nd level category (expanding all the 3rd level categories under it and so on). This is the exact same thing the "*" key on the numeric keypad does.

So now I include it as an action button in all my views that have multiple levels of categorization. If you only have one level of categorization, it will still work, but it's no more meaningful than pressing the ENTER key on the category. But it's really useful if you have 2 or more levels of categorization. Instead of clicking on the main category line, then clicking on the 2nd category line, you can expand everything associated with that main category in one click of an action button.