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Computing Column Formulas Once
This comes from the "gee whiz" file. It is unknown if/when this tip will be useful, but it is certainly something to keep "in the back of your mind", especially if you are prone to doing computations in view column formulas.

When looking at the properties of a view column in Domino Designer, the "beanie" tab lists a "programmatic name" for the column. If the column uses just a field value, then Domino Designer makes the "programmatic name" value the same as the field name. For values that are computed, the programmatic name ends up being a dollar sign and then a number. However, the value can be changed.

If you change the value, as seen in this picture, then you can actually use that name (as if it were a field) in other columns.

For example, our column is taking a name and putting it into "last, first" order. Then we called the programmatic column "CommonName". In another column in the view, we could use CommonName in computing another value. So,
would be a valid column value even though there isn't a true field called CommonName anywhere on the documents in the view. It's because another column computed a value and we assigned that value, through programmatic access, to CommonName.

The column doing the computation can appear either before or after the column using the computation. It doesn't matter. The Domino server will look through fields on the document, and other programmatic column names in the view, to build the value to show in the column.