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NGL Golf League
The NGL Golf League is a summer golf league started by people living in Bloomington, IL. The intention was to develop a league where seriousness was minimized and enjoying a round of golf was maximized.

A handicapping system, taken from the USGA handicapping system but adjusted to meet the needs of the league, was established.

It was determined that leagues would be 2 person teams (males and females welcome). Each team would play a "match play" match (each hole is its own match and whatever team wins the most holes wins the match) against the other team, and only the low net score from each team would count.

The president of the golf league, Butch Tetzlaff, came to Breaking Par looking for a web site. But a static HTML web site would not do for this league. Whenever a match would be completed, several things had to happen: Obviously, a web site with static HTML pages would prove to costly to maintain for this kind of a web site. So Breaking Par developed a Domino-based web site for the league.

The administrator, after logging in, can create new players in the league, create new teams in the league, create new matches between teams, post match results, and other administrative tasks.

To post a match result, the administrator enters in the scores from the match. The system calculates the winner and gives the administrator a chance to agree or disagree with the results. If the results are OK, many pages in the site are updated in real-time with the latest results.

To see the application from an end-user point of view, use the following link: NGL Golf League.