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What is it?

Breaking Par's Reusable Object Library is an application where developers can document reusable design elements (or groups or elements that make up one system) and then easily bring those design elements into other applications.

Updated! Domino 7 introduced two new types of design elements - Shared Columns and Web Services. The Reusable Object Library application supports these new design elements, so they can be reused throughout your organization easily!

How does it work?

First, you need to document your object. (The term "object" is used because an object can contain one design element or multiple). You provide some basic information about the object: Once the information about the object is provided, using it in other applications is easy. You click on an action button in either the view or the document to begin the copy process. (In the view, you can select multiple objects and copy all the design elements all at once). You will be prompted for the destination server (which can be Local) and file name. Then the design element(s) are copied to the database.

What does it cost?

You can choose from one of three purchase options. With Level 0, you receive the Reusable Object Library database only. You would use this option if your organization already has several reusable design elements or wishes to create your library from scratch. This option costs $30 (US) to purchase.

With Level 1, you receive the Reusable Object Library database, a couple of databases filled with source design elements (over 50 images, and over 20 LotusScript libraries), and a database which shows some of the LotusScript libraries in action. This option costs $50 (US) to purchase.

With Level 2, you receive everything from Level 1 and more. You receive more images (over 60 total), more LotusScript libraries (over 30 total) in the source design elements, and you also receive a third source database with some JavaScript libraries (over 25 total). You also (if you have Notes 6 or higher) receive an additional database where you can download new design elements as they are posted on the Breaking Par web site. This option costs $100 (US) to purchase.

Couldn't I build this myself?

If your organization is using Notes/Domino 6 exclusively, then it would be possible to build this application yourself using the NotesNoteCollection class to find design elements. Our application works on both Notes 5 and Notes 6. (It actually works on Notes 4 as well, but the interface is not very attractive because we made use of Notes 5 features when creating the interface). Also, do you think you could design, develop, and debug the entire application in an hour? Because that's about the equivalent cost of purchasing Level 0, which is what your application would mimic (it wouldn't have any design elements in it initially, either). And the cost of Level 0 is at or under the going rate for a single hour of Notes development work.

Does it work on the web?

The Reusable Object Library database has a web interface. The actual copy of the design elements needs to be done in Notes, however. So the action button in the document (the action button isn't available in the view over the web) launches your Notes client and begins the copy process.

Additional Features

Some additional features of the Reusable Object Library database include:
How do I purchase?

The Reusable Object Library is no longer available for purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Aren't the included elements in Level 1 and Level 2 available on your web site?

Many of the design elements included in Level 1 and Level 2 are on our web site. Many of the images are available in the templates that come with Notes 5. Some images were created by Breaking Par employees, and some of the LotusScript and JavaScript functions aren't available on our web site. If you already have a library of functions created and are just looking for a way to organize them, then Level 1 and Level 2 are not for you and you should choose Level 0. If you haven't already created design elements for the functions listed on our web site, then it might be worth the small upgrade in price to save you that time and effort, plus you'll get a few things that can't be found on the web site.