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Ray Of Light Photography
Ray Of Light Photography is a photography company specializing in portraits, especially those of pregnant women and babies. The owner of Ray Of Light Photography came to Breaking Par looking for a web site to display their portfolio and attract new customers. They were also looking for a way for customers to view their proofs on-line (so family members could also view proofs).

Breaking Par was able to develop a web site that meets their needs. The site was developed using Cascading Style Sheets, so changes to the web site (positioning, fonts, colors, etc) could be done easily. After a little training, the owner of the web site will be able to update many parts of the design without involving the developer, which keeps their costs down.

One feature of the web site is the portfolios. When the web site owner adds a new thumbnail and large image to one of the portfolios, the system automatically calculates whether a "more" button needs to be displayed (there are 6 images per page). So the web site owner can have as many portfolio images as they wish, and the system will automatically take care of the "previous" and "next" links.

Also, the web site owner can create a "proof page" where a customer can view their proofs with a browser. Each proof is given a name so the customer can call in and name which proofs they would like to order. The proof page is given a unique identifier, so the customer will need the unique identifier to open the page, which provides for privacy with the proof page (there is no other way to find the proof page - the unique identifier is needed). And the customer can just forward the email from the web site owner (that includes the unique identifier) to their friends and relatives if others would be interested in purchasing some photographs.