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Target Another Frame
One of the "drawbacks" in using @URLOpen as a hotspot formula is that you can't target another frame or a blank window. Or so you thought... There is a way to do this.

You have to know a little bit about what Domino generates. When you do an @URLOpen("http://www.breakingpar.com") as an action hotspot around the word Home then Domino generates the following HTML:

<a href="http://www.breakingpar.com">Home</a>

And if you know your HTML, then to have that link targeted to the frame called "Right", here's the HTML you will need:

<a href="http://www.breakingpar.com" target="Right">Home</a>

So, take a look at what Domino generates. Everything between the quotes in your @URLOpen statement is between quotes in the href HTML tag. Basically, here's how it works:

@URLOpen("blah")    =    <a href="blah">
@URLOpen("blah\"")    =    <a href="blah"">
@URLOpen("blah\"blah")    =    <a href="blah"blah">

See where this is going? If you want to get to the line where we coded the target parameter, all you have to do is force the href url closed, then add your own target and let Domino close the quote on the target part when it thinks it's closing the quote on the url. For example:

This code:
@URLOpen("http://www.breakingpar.com\" target=\"Right")
... will be translated by domino to ...
<a href="http://www.breakingpar.com" target="Right">
which is just what we want!!

If you're using the simple action URL link instead of @URLOpen, you can still use this technique. Instead of using a slash quote, just include a quote in the URL name. For example,

http://www.breakingpar.com" target="Right