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Sizing File Upload Controls
Have you ever used the File Upload Control in a Domino web application? Domino will generate an input field followed by a "Browse..." button. But the size of the input field is fixed. It turns out that the size can be controlled very easily through the Domino Designer.

You should right-click on the File Upload icon in Domino Designer and choose File Upload Control... from the drop-down menu. This will open the File Upload Control properties. (If you double-click on the File Upload icon, Designer will bring up the Text properties box instead of the File Upload Control properties box).

In the File Upload Control properties, you should go to the HTML tab. This tab allows you to control general settings, and even add your own (which is what we want to do here). The values to add to the Domino-generated tag go into the Other area, as seen in figure 1. In the example picture, the value size="60" was added. This makes the size of the input box considerably longer than the default. (The default value seems to be somewhere around size="20").