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Linking to a remote database in mobile designs
In a mobile design, you generally want the design to be self-contained. This means that all the design is in one XPage with content coming in when needed. This is done through several application pages and navigation between the pages. But what if you want to link to another page? The "Rounded List Item" design element (<djxmLineItem>) has a "moveTo" property that says the application page to move to. When this is within a self-contained application, you list the name of the other page.

In a "non-self-contained" application, you want to link to another application or another URL outside your control. To do this, there is an "href" property that can be added to the dojo element that gets created. That property doesn't show up in the UI, so it has to be added as a dojo attribute. The name to add is "href" and the value is the URL of the remote web page to open.

<xe:djxmLineItem id="djxmLineItemB5" label="Jump">
        <xp:dojoAttribute name="href" value="/subdir/file.nsf/xpage.xsp">