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We offer packages available to the personal user as well as the business user. All packages include flexibility in terms of ID's, disk space, and web traffic. All packages include as many authenticated web users (without email) as you want. Those authenticated users are placed into your personal cascaded address book. Also included are graphical reports, available on the web any time, that show your month-to-date disk space and Notes and browser traffic numbers, so you can see how you're doing.

Breaking Par is no longer providing Lotus Domino Hosting services.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Interested in learning more? You can request information or even sign up for service.

Included items/prices Personal Business
Setup fee $25 $25
Base monthly fee $15 $50
Included disk space 40 MB 125 MB
Included traffic (Notes) 250 MB 750 MB
Included traffic (browser) 250 MB 750 MB
Notes/DWA Mail Boxes 1 5
Scheduled agent run time 340 minutes / month 510 minutes / month
Additional fees (per month)    
Additional disk space $0.50 / MB $0.50 / MB
Additional traffic (Notes or browser) $10 / 500 MB $10 / 500 MB
Additional Notes/DWA Mail Boxes $2 / Mail File $2 / Mail File
Additional scheduled agent run time $0.50 / minute $0.50 / minute
Miscellaneous information    
Web Progress Reporting included included
Authenticated web users unlimited unlimited