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Company History
Breaking Par Consulting Inc. was founded January 5th, 1998.

The company was started by Matt Holthe (mattholthe@breakingpar.com) as a way to share his Lotus Notes and Domino knowledge through published articles and the hints and tips on this web site.

It also provided more of an opportunity to develop more interesting Notes and Domino applications.

The business originated in Bloomington, Illinois but has since moved to Longmont, Colorado. Longmont is about an hour north of Denver, near Boulder and Fort Collins. Although the company moved, that didn't mean the business would stop. There were (and still are) customers relying on Breaking Par from both a server hosting company and a Notes and Domino development company. All that business moved to Colorado.

The business continues to grow with more hosting customers, more development customers, and more Breaking Par products being developed.

Breaking Par Consulting Inc. released their first product to the public on May 24, 2003. The product is called Mail Scheduler for Lotus Notes and is used to schedule messages to be mailed at a later date and time. Refer to the Mail Scheduler web site for more information.

Breaking Par Consulting Inc. released their second product to the public in January of 2004. The product is called Breaking Par's Reusable Object Library and is used to easily document and share reusable pieces of Lotus Notes code within your organization.